Understanding the Nervous System

For everybody who like to figure out more about the function of our nervoussystem without reading for years. One minute of video replaces 1,2 mil words. 1 minute of somatic […]

Engagement System in English

Request the English Engagement System PDF and Newsletter signup Stay up to date with the latest news and upcoming events and webinars. You can change your mind and unsubscribe at […]

Sacred Sexuality Embodied

  Sacred sexuality – a public Introductory Talk & Practical Magic with Leanne Edwards and Matt Schwenteck in Spain Marbella 2013

Oxytocin – The love code.

society imprints, dopamine, addiction, oxytocin-the love code. https://home/mattschwenteck/domains/de.somaticconsent.com/public_html.youtube.com/channel/UCHnhvr6LzRSRdjMPWVuV30Q/videos trigger warning, spelling mistakes!!! sorry for the typos, the price i have to pay for being a right-brained genius www.de.somaticconsent.com  

Tantra and DMT – sex and spirit

This video is about Tantra and DMT – Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality, Love, Oxytocin, Chanting, Touch, Yoga, Meditation, Orgasmic Kundalini. It is still a linear description of interdisciplinarity and multidimensionality, every […]

21 Day Pleasure Journey

how to activate the cervix in a healthy way, this interview is about the vagus nerve connection to the uterus and how safty through agreements changes everything in sexual relating […]

Psoas Trauma Release

To shift neurological stages, great self-help for co- and self-regulation from freeze to ease. Àll donations are welcome to http://paypal.me/mschwenteck    

The Name of GOD – a Tetragrammaton Answer

That is the top point of the pyramid structure of the Somatic Consent Engagement System, known as the apex; the interpersonal state of being a gift and relating with the […]

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